środa, 19 listopada 2014

Installing the winch

I spent a lot of time to think about where to put the 12V no-name winch. I got it from the seller as a gift to my buggy. For two months it was forgotten, but now I have more time to do some garage work.

The winch is for free

It has only 2 mounting bolts. I hope they will do the job. Installation took us about 1,5 hour. We put on in the back, near the exhaust. Why here? While I have no reverse gear, I thougt it may be usefull to do it that way.
Probably the best thing is to have the winch on both sides - front and rear.
Here are some photos:

Water and a short circuit

btw. 03-12-2014 when my buggy was left outside for few days, raindrops have fallen to the winch and make a short circuit. I had to remove the winch, open the cover and pour some oil into cogwheel. Now it works fine again!