sobota, 4 października 2014

Buying a buggy and founding this blog

ATV, Buggy's and terrain vehicles become more popular every year, but I've never have something in common with this kind of vehicles.

Since march 2014 I started to watch videos, read about those vehicles. My dream was to have a small, lightweight vehicle, with license plate that I can go everywhere I want to.

I enjoy to share my hobby so I thought blogspot is the right place.

Thinking about

As I've said - I've been dreaming about a terrain vehicle. But ATV does not meet my needs. It's hard to go far away by ATV. What I need is something I can sit easily and explore. The answer is.. buggy. I need it to make some nice trips with my wife and DSLR. Photography is my hobby, but I enjoy mostly the time I spend on making photos, not on watching them :-)

Unfortunately summer passed away and I couldn't find something interesting with a reasonable price.
Then October 2014 I've found this add:

Buggy Dazon 500CC with registration possibility

I've called the seller and ask if he can lower the price about 500 zl. Asking price was 4000 zl (about 1300$). I haven't told the reason why he should lower the price. He gave the reason by himself - the engine won't start because of the lack of battery. He said - ok. I've made quick estimation .. the price was really good. 

The Trip to Lublin

Now its time to rent a trailer and a car with the hook. You need to have about 60 zl to rent a trailer that fits the buggy.
And the trips starts ...
After about 3 hours we've reached Lublin. At the sellers spot it became, that the vehicle condition is not so good as I thought.

The seller connected battery and the engine started quickly. Not bad - I thought ..
We've made a deal - the seller set the price to 3400 zl with was acceptable for me.
Now it's time to put the vehicle on the trailer and go home..

Coming home

Time we spent on driving home was about 4 hrs. We came home by night, so there was no possibility to make good pictures. I've made them next day.

Short specification:
Dazon Raider was bought in Holland, then sold to Belgium. The owner had changed the engine from 250 cc (about 18hp) to CB Honda 500CC (about 57 hp). I have some papers to register the vehicle - I hope its sufficient.
Here are some photos and video I've made just after buying my buggy:

Film Youtube: