czwartek, 30 października 2014

Visit in a car repair workshop

Immediately after a week of purchase I wanted to fix a few things.
At first - refill the oil, change oil filter and coolant fluid.

Unfortunately the mechanic who deals with my personal car not really want to take it. I had to look somewhere else..

It turned out that in the area I have a clever man who specializes in  motorcycles service. He took my car without any problems, but the problems that can put such a vehicle are connected with motorcycles (engine, transmission, small tires) and cars (suspension, steering).

Rear brake caliper

So here we go. First thing - rear brake caliper. It is indeed the CB500, something at the rear axle has been welded, but it does not fit. So we have to cut this custom made installation and look for a brake caliper similar to the factory one.

After several days of searching I came across a well-known auction site very similar clip from a Chinese ATV, which also have the option to handbrake cable. That just is not needed initially. But it turned out that my handbrake, which was a separate pump (!) did not work completely.

Mechanic cut the pump, let the rope and handbrake was working. Unfortunately we were unable to find a second rear brake caliper on the right wheel, so the effect certainly could have been better .. Putting the same terminal upside down on a right wheel wasn't good idea.

Looking for a steering rods

My original tie rods

Another problem - bolts of the front lower - are loose. Finding such a miracle pin. Once I thought I was close (eg. Rods of VW T4 are very similar) but part did not fit.
Most similar bolts were from the forklift RAK with left hand thread at a price of about 24 zł / item purchased online store,Koncowka-drazka-lewy-gwint-M16-x-15 -to-Running-RAK-206
After transfusion fixing and M16 thread the rods fit perfectly. 

Another week passed and another problem - mangler  rubbers are leaky. Dirt gets in there, the sand. It needs to be replaced.
Again, I need to review hundreds of products online.

Proved to be the most similar of the Renault Laguna 1 - dimensions differed tips about 1 mm. Unfortunately, the problem was with their mount, since the width of the eraser on the end was approximately 1 cm and it was hard to catch it, so that does not fall.

Fortunately, my mechanic somehow deal with that, though it was not easy. 

Whats more?

  • Improved joining of the exhaust manifold to the engine - it turns out that it can be quieter:-)
  • Replacement of Voltage Regulator - price about 80 zl
  • The removal of a short circuit in the vicinity of the controller
  • Rework the handbrake on the cable to the new terminal
  • Cleaning and adjusting carburetors
  • Changing the oil and oil filter
  • Excision of redundant portion of the engine cooling system
  • Improving the wiring on the master cylinder

Hills and valleys - here i come!