środa, 15 października 2014

First look, first drive and first pit-stop

Treatment process started from the purchase of the vehicle battery .. just a plain model  for about 100 zł dedicated to motorcycles (probably 9Ah).
I've put the battery and went for a test drive to a nearby forest.
The forest is located about 5 km from my place Unfortunately- the vehicle is not registered, so I had to use some sub-roads to get there. Fortunately, this has been done smoothly ..

First lesson

We're going - at first slowly and carefully as on a bicycle .. In time, I gained confidence and I discovered that the steering wheel is a little like a toy - the move is only 180 degrees in each direction. It is kind of difficulty to steer it precisely..

The dusk was falling and it started to get dark. We drove about 3 km forest, in various ways, and did not even notice when the lights began to fade..

We pulled into a side lane - something like a slightly wider track with traces of the wheels. After about 50 meters we saw a fallen birch tree on the path. I thought - I'm gonna make it.
While I was trying to use the clutch gently, the engine died.

Who can borrow me a bucket of power?

And the biggest surprise - I cant start the engine. I look at the lights - damn.. they're pretty weak! We have no battery charge.
After pushing vehicle about 500 meters we had sweat on forehead .. I thought - lets try again to start the engine. The battery after full unload started to stabilize and some energy came back. Voila!  We're moving. Without lights. I give the phone a colleague. Fortunately, I have a strong LED at the back so we can see something. We go through the darkness in the forest. We leave the forest ..

uffffff! Now we had to get home. And here comes the surprise - I've crossed the unpaved road. I remind you that I do not have reverse gear. We look straight ahead and there's 20 meters in front of us a little flock of wild boars. I slowed down .. I wanted to move - the engine died .. Wild in front of us do not want to move, do not respond to us. Picks occupying our land all the way.
We had to wait about 20 minutes for them to leave and again light up the engine by pushing the vehicly..Finally we arrived safely home ...

What next..

After about a week of driving the vehicle in a "right after the purchase" I decided to repair the visible shortcomings. And at first glance, they were:

unmounted, hanging the rear brake caliper
No Battery charge

It is worth to change the oil and filter - I thought. And as I thought, so I did.
In the next post I will describe the adventures in the workshop. As this vehicle is made in the USA there were a few problems to get the parts..